Our Process

Our Program Explained


  • Edison Initiatives acquires a house.
  • Renovation Team readies the house
  • Candidate Selection Team selects a potential homeowner for the lease-to-own program.
  • Equipping Team helps the candidate achieve home ownership readiness.
  • Candidate qualifies and is ready to close with a standard mortgage within 5 years.
  • Edison Initiatives provides significant funding from past lease payments to candidate towards home purchase.


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Application Contents

  • Finances
  • Credit report
  • Income
  • Motivation for ownership
  • Employment
  • Transportation
  • Family size
  • House size
  • History of Rental
  • Background of Candidate and supports needed
  • Connections Leader
  • Legal aspect reviewed
  • Openness to relationship / regular check-ins

Summary of our Past and Current Projects

In September 2023 Edison Initiatives completed it’s first project thank to the many volunteers. It is currently biing occupied by a new homeowner.

We are starting our next project at 1320 E Vine St. Volunteers are welsoome to join the teem to rennovate this home for the next homeowner