Simple. Sustainable. Empowerment.

The next workdays are July 13 and July 27 both at 9am. Come to 1320 Vine St. with your work clothes on!

Edison Initiatives is a non-profit L3C made up entirely of volunteers that are working to bring about transformation and empowerment of the Edison Neighborhood.

Our first program’s objective is to communicate love, value, and worth to individuals stuck in the cycle of renting by helping them to become first-time homeowners.

We desire to increase the number of owner-occupied single-family homes in Edison by helping more people become homeowners.

The Edison neighborhood is the largest and most racially diverse neighborhood in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Read more about it here.

There is a specific process we use to accomplish the goals we have for supporting first-time homeowners. You can see it laid out here.

Without people (like you!), none of it is possible. Find out about becoming a partner here.

Completed project with new homeowner

on Lay Boulevard

New Project on E. Vine Street. Volunteers needed